Morar Cottage

Self catering holiday house on the scenic Road to the Isles

Fois a Chridhe is perfectly located both for adventurers with a passion for the mountains as well as those who love beachside life. Morar lies about an hour to the NW of Fort William within NW Lochaber, 5 miles from Arisaig to the South and 2 miles from Mallaig to the North.
Mallaig is a thriving fishing community and you can't stay here without sampling some of the local produce - it's awesome! From Mallaig visitors can catch a car ferry over to the western isles and go on fishing and wildlife expeditions.
The village of Morar is perfect both for those in need of a stress free safe haven or simply as a comfortable base for a seaside higland adventure. Morar is situated on the beautiful railway line from Fort William to Mallaig and is served by a picturesque station. Visitors can watch the Jacobite steam train which passes through twice a day in the summer months.
If you are travelling by train - Fois a Chridhe is only a 5 minute stroll downhill from the station.

There is alot more information about the area on the Roads to the Isles Website.

I think the following poem written by Angus MacLellan of Morar for his brother-in-law, missing presumed dead with the Cameron highlanders prior to his safe return from being a prisoner of war, that best sums up the beauty and magical quality of the area.
There's a hamlet in the west
Where the weary soul finds rest,
Far surpassing beauty spots in other lands.
Where the river meets the sea,
That's the place where I would be -
Blessed Morar with its lovely silver sands.

O 'twas my delight to roam
In the woods around my home
And to hear the mavis sing upon the tree,
For its notes so sweet and clear
Falling softly on the ear
Bid me welcome back to Morar by the sea.

In the tranquil summer days
It is sheer delight to gaze
On the island-studded loch so calm and still,
And I seem to hear a prayer
Rise like incense in the air
To the music of a gently babbling rill.

When my earthly toil is done
And the sands of life near run
And I'm waiting for my fate so patiently,
I would like to be at rest
In that Eden in the west,
Where the Morar River gently meets the sea.

Angus MacLellan.

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